Cable vs DSL vs Satellite

Comparison of Cable, DSL, & Satellite Internet Service Providers

When it comes to the differences between internet services, you may be a little confused. This is normal. You may thing there is no big difference between these ISPs, but there is. We will be going over all the major differences between then and which is better and why. If there is something that you do not fully understand, make sure to call us and ask. We would love to clear things up for you!

What is Cable Internet?

Cable internet runs through your cable line on the telephone pole. Most of our customers prefer cable. Why? Because cable can deliver the speeds that DSL and Satellite can not. Why is this important? High Speeds allow you to stream music and video with little to no buffering. Buffering is when the screen stops and has to load. Some examples of where you would use this would be YouTube and Netflix. If you are into streaming online cable is probably the choice for you. This service is also very affordable and can be added or bundled with television and phone. Prices usually start around $29 for a limited time. Most of these internet providers have no commitment, so you are free to cancel at any time!

Digital Subscriber Line or DSL; How it works

DSL or Digital Subscriber Line runs through your telephone wire on that same telephone pole. DSL internet offers a very cost effective way of getting online. The one major difference between cable and dsl is the speed. DSL will let you access Google and Facebook but for streaming video it will not be as enjoyable. If you are not in the cable area DSL is an awesome option for accessing the web. People can add this to their existing phone service for an additional savings or bundle with phone service. All in all our customers tell us they love this service and we highly recommend that you ask us about your options when you call in. Remember, if you have any questions at all please ask us, we want to help you get a clear idea of how everything works.

What is Satellite ISP and how does it work?

When you think of satellite internet you probably think Dish Network and Directv provide it. Wrong. Satellite internet and satellite tv are two separate dishes and face different ways in the sky. Satellite internet is awesome for those unable to get cable or dsl. Satellite can now provide cable speeds as well! You are probably asking yourself, well why does no one ever have this service? Well one major draw back is the data caps. Satellite internet is perfect for general web surfing but the major data eater is video. And in this day of age most of everyone is watching YouTube or Netflix on a daily bases. If you are interested in know more like rates and speeds for satellite make sure to give us a call and ask!


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