Internet Rates and Speed


Internet Service Rates and Speeds – Questions You Need to Ask

We offer rates straight from the internet providers. This allows us to bring you the lowest prices possible. We believe every customer should have access to low internet rates. Rates start at just $14.95/mo with speeds of up to 3 mbsp. Our second internet plan is only $19.95/mo with up to 6 mbps. That’s double the speed for only $5 extra per month! Our final plan is only $24/99/mo with a whopping speed of up to 20 mbps! This plan is our most popular plan by far. Which ever plan you decide, we are confident you are going to love your new internet service speed and rates. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself. What am I currently paying? What speeds am I getting for my money? Could I be getting a better deal? We can answer all these questions and more. The cable and DSL companies usually hike up their rates after 6-12 months. they do this to initially get you signed up. They also know that people are generally lazy and will not call in. A tip we suggest you do is to call in to your current supplier and see if they have any deals they can offer you. If they cannot do anything for you, spend the extra 10 minutes and call us. We have multiple databases that we can check to see exactly what is in your area. Once you know your options you will most likely hear us offering you a better deal. Don’t be lazy and spend some time trying to save some money. After all a penny saved is a penny earned.

Why you need internet

In this new age internet is almost an necessity. Internet service can be used for every day tasks. Look up how to cook your favorite meal, watch movies and shows for free, pay all your bills, and much more. If you don’t currently have internet, it is time to make the leap to the online world. For those of us who already have an internet service provider. Why are you paying so much? We have plans starting a $14 a month! These days not many people can spare to waist money. Call us today and lower your internet bill. Make sure you ask us all the questions you may have. Some good questions to ask us may be.

  • What is available in my area?
  • What speed comes with that plan?
  • Is that speed going to be enough for streaming YouTube or Netflix
  • What is the price?
  • What is the price after the promotion?
  • Does a modem come with the service?
  • Is there a contract?

Those are some great questions that everyone should ask when they are shopping for internet. From our experience people do not generally ask to many questions. Of course we usually tell them all of this anyway but we cannot control other companies. So make sure whoever you call about any type of service, refer back to this post and go over this list of questions. We appreciate your time reading this and hope it has helped out with your shopping experience!


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