Streaming Video Online

Best Internet Service for Streaming Video

What is the best internet service for streaming videos? Streaming video has become a sensation across America. People everywhere are watching YouTube and Neflix every day. It has become important to the people and the internet providers realize that. A couple questions you may have may be. What speeds are you going to need in order to stream HD? Can fast speeds still be cost effective? What is the minimum speed I need in order to stream? What is buffering? In this article we will be answering all these questions and more.

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What Speeds do You Need for Streaming HD & And How Much Will it Cost?

We recommend you go with a 12 or 20mbps for streaming in HD. This is a good speed and is still cost effective. Usually just costing around $29/mo for a limited time. We suggest you go with a cable internet for streaming video. Cable can provide the speeds that DSL can not. DSL is mainly for general web surfing and may be able to stream in 240 or 360p.

What is the minimum speed I can get for streaming?

You may be able to stream standard definition with a 3mbps internet connection. We recommend you go a little faster just to be safe. And remember with most internet providers you can upgrade to a higher speed if you need to.

What can I watch over the Internet?

There are a ton of options for things to watch over the internet. A couple of the more popular ones are YouTube, Hulu, & Netflix. Most viewing options are offered in HD so having a fast internet connection is vital for watching these sites in HD. You can also watch TV shows right over your computer. Hulu offers some great shows and most of them are free! Popular TV networks also offer streaming on their websites. The opportunities to take advantage of you fast internet connection is virtually limitless. Everything you do online will be much more pleasurable with a high speed internet connection. If you are like most of America, you are probably online for a good 3-4 hours a day. Isn’t it worth the extra few bucks to have a fast internet provider?


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