5 Questions about Internet Service

When our customers call in they usually all ask some questions about our service. Usually about equipment, internet providers in their area, speeds needed for certain tasks, and other related questions. In this short article we will be going over the top 10 frequently asked questions about our internet service.

1. How many internet providers are at my home?

This is a very good question. Typically there is one cable provider, one dsl provider, and multiple satellite internet providers. When we run your zip code we can see exactly what type of service is available to you and let you know. If you are rural then cable and dsl may not be available to you. This is because in order to have those services you have to have lines running to your home from the telephone pole or underground. If there is not enough demand for the internet service than the internet provider most likely will not run lines down your road.

2. What equipment is required in order to receive internet?

The only equipment that is required is a modem. A modem decodes the outside line to a internet signal. Typically the provider can lease you this modem for a small monthly charge. If not they can sell you one or you can pick one up at a local electronics store. The other piece of equipment that you may want to purchase is a router. A router give you the ability to use wireless devices. Some providers will lease you a router as well. A router can be used with cable, dsl, & satellite internet service. So once you buy one it will be good for any type of service. A modem is typically made for either cable or dsl. If you look on the rear of the modem you will see a cable or telephone (dsl) jack. This is the easiest way to tell what type of modem you have.

A little advice we like to give our customers is to lease to start your internet service. This is because if you lease the modem and do not like the service you are not out any money besides the one month fee for the modem. After a few weeks you decide you like the service, go ahead and buy your own modem. Then return your leased equipment at the nearest retail shop or ship it back. A simple phone call and we can let you know the nearest store or the shipping address.

3. Is there any contract involved?

This all depends on what is available at your home. We can tell you this right over the phone. Usually cable does not have a contract and dsl does. Satellite internet has a two year contract.

4. What speed do I need to watch videos online?

3-6 mbps will be a decent speed for streaming in low standard definition. Anything about 15 should stream HD. Of course the faster your speed the more dependable your streaming will be. We recommend at least a 10 mbps plan for a good web and video experience.

5. Can I bundle my internet with tv and phone?

If cable is available at your home you can bundle with both tv and phone. We can usually give you a discounted price when you do this. If cable is not available and dsl is, you can bundle only phone with the internet over the dsl phone line. We do have satellite tv available starting at only $20/mo.

Call us for more ISP questions

If you have any more questions about our internet providers feel free to call in and ask. We would love to help you with any questions or concerns. Check out our other blog posts for more detailed information on some of the questions above.


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