Why pay more for Internet

Our internet prices start at just $24.95/mo

These days most people are trying to save money. When people think of saving a few dollars they usually think of cutting down on groceries or driving less to save gas. But have you ever looked at your internet bill?

Check out our prices

  1. $24.95 1.5 mbps
  2. $24.95 3 mbps
  3. $29.99 20 mbps

Now go ahead and look at your last internet bill. Now you see where we are going with this. There are savings waiting for you and it is easy to switch. Multiply that monthly savings by 12 and you could be saving hundreds per month!

How the process works and how easy it is to order

When you call us we input your address into our database. We can then let you know witch internet providers are available in your area and what the best possible deal is available to you. When it comes down to it, we love to save people money.

Our friendly representatives are standing by. We would love to help you make the best decision. Tell us how much you use your internet and what you would like to pay. We have a variety of prices and speeds and are sure we can find what fits your needs. All prices and plans are subject to change


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