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Not many people realize the difference between internet broadband providers. Satellite is the most expensive, but is the only way many rural homeowners can access the web. New technology enables these small dishes to be mounted in the yard of homes that normally only have a dialup service as an option. The satellite internet dish pretty much can be placed anywhere you have a clear aim at the sky where the satellite is orbiting. Next in line are the cable broadband internet service providers available in a majority of home across America. Cable internet providers have been around for a while now. Most people are familiar with the cables webbing around the neighborhoods. These cables are not just for the local bird rest stop, they provide the internet providers transmission of your favorite services to your home, including internet broadband. Next in line, and the cheapest are the local DSL internet service providers. DSL arrives to your home in the telephone wire. Telephone lines also crisscross the neighborhood and accommodate the many migrating birds in the region. DSL is provided to many homes on a fraction of the bandwidth in this wire.

Differences between Internet Providers

Let’s start with satellite broadband internet providers. There are a couple well known service providers out there. Satellite is the most expensive, but is the only option for the vast areas not served by cable or DSL internet providers. New technology has just increased the download speed up 12 mbps. For a backyard satellite dish this is way past blazing fast. Until recently satellite internet service providers were limited to 1mbps to 3mbps. This is a fantastic new development from the satellite internet service providers. Due to the shared bandwidth availability of satellite homeowners may be subject to usage limits per month to ensure all customers have access.

Why Cable Internet service beats the rest

Cable internet service providers are next. For years we have enjoyed cable TV in our homes. Many areas across America have seen the cable service providers working hard on the cable lines in our neighborhoods, upgrading miles and miles of cable. What’s all the improvements for? INTERNET SPEED. Put your seat belt on, your local internet service providers are producing up to 105mbps of download speed. A speed faster than a speeding bullet. Local cable service providers now offer an array internet access plans with a variety of speeds. Typically 10mbps to 20mbps will be fast enough for the average homeowner. At these speeds the monthly access price is very affordable. The beauty of cable is that most cities and surrounding neighborhoods have access to it, and it’s fast and affordable. Downloading, uploading, streaming video, online gaming, 10-20mbps is a great speed for these popular internet pass times.

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