Top Website Awards

Computer, Tech & Resources Awards 2013

Lighthouse Internet Services Congratulates all Winners!

Computer Equiptment Sites
Our favorite modem, filter & manual site! Easy to navigate and awesome wholesale deals.
Great looking site and awesome selection of cables! Anything you want this site has.
Your Rackmount center with upfront prices! Will match price by 10% free shipping on orders of $50 with coupon code.
From computers to motherboards and flash drives. This site has everything under the umbrella.
Are you the nerd of the family? If so you will love this site! Every computer part you could imagine. Build the ultimate PC all in one place!
This site is awesome for anything electronic related you can think of. Great look and navigation!
I’ve been a fan of NewEgg for a while now. If you haven’t been to Newegg check it out right now!
Want to upgrade your PC or laptop? This is the place to do it! If you know and love computers, you will absolutley LOVE this site!
Another awesome computer supply store. Plus a Google Trusted Store with an A ranking and over 30,000 transactions!

Computer Review Sites
Our favorite tech blog! Read some posts and you will see why we love this site.
Trusted and honest reviews of anything tech related. Updated often so make sure to subscribe to RSS feed!
We love this site because they have high quality reviews on TESTED products.
Just like the name says, it’s for the ExtremeTech lover. This is also one of our favorite design and feel sites!

Awesome Kid Related Sites
Our favorite site for Children resources. Check this site out and give your kid a safe and fun tech experience!
Keep your kids safe online. The web is full of the unknown. Educate yourself to protect your children on this site.
Kids have a secret online language. Find out what they are saying on this site!
Great resource for monitoring programs to help keep kids safe on the internet.

Internet Speed Test Site
We love this site for more than their speed test. It’s your one stop for computer related searches and testing.
Your children need a fast internet connection at school. We all know the internet is the most powerful tool for education. See what speed your children receive at school!

Internet Provider Review Sites
Tons of information on internet providers. Awesome resource when choosing an ISP.
Keep your kids safe. Check out their ISP list for ratings on kid safety.
Just as the name stats, a helpful resource for ISP reviews. Very informative and clear.
ISP Forum site for those looking to talk about their internet provider. Who knows better than the consumer?

Free and Cheap Internet Sources
Clean easy to read & use site.
Great resource for free and cheap internet service. Right to the point!
Easy to understand site. Currently supports dial-up service.


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