What is DSL


What is and how does DSL work?

DSL actually stands for digital subscriber line. Ok, now what is a digital subscriber line? DSL is the telephone companies brand of broadband internet service. The telephone providers copper wires can deliver phone service as well as internet. DSL uses the higher frequency band width of the telephone wire. We are all familiar with the filters provided by the phone companies. These filters help remove any high frequency interference which allows telephone and internet service to travel in the same line.

DSL vs cable

What’s the difference between DSL broadband internet and the internet provided by the cable carriers?
Dsl is delivered to your home in copper wire telephone line with the phone service and can be priced a little cheaper than cable. Cable comes into your home via your cable line. Both of these are forms of broadband internet, however the cable is typically faster.

DSL plans

Plans will vary in price, Download rates will be slower than cable, typical plans come in 1.5mbps, 3 mbps and 6mbps download speeds. Your local carrier may require a landline phone service. While some carriers offer a dsl service without a phone line, this is called a dry loop. Dry loop service is growing in popularity. If you have a landline phone most providers will offer you a discounted bundle rate. However, the dry loop is the perfect fit for mobile phone users as many households today do not have a need for a land line.

How fast is DSL?

Dsl offers broadband internet service from 1.5mbps to 6mbps. 1.5 is a good speed for checking emails, web surfing and lite YouTube type video viewing. 3mbps is a little faster than the 1.5 for downloading of sites you may be surfing, YouTube video view will be much better but only with lower quality video settings. 6mbps is going to be much better than the 1.5. Surfing the web and video steaming will be greatly improved. Still if video streaming HD 720p quality the plan offered by your dsl providers may not be fast enough to avoid buffering.

Is this service available in my area?

If you have a phone line connection at your residence you may be able to receive internet service too. However the telephone companies copper wire system is not as efficient as cable. Dsl is limited in service availability. You must be within 18,000 feet from your telephone carriers service center. Speeds and availability will drop off as the distance from the hub increases. If you are too far from service providers hub you may receive phone but the broadband internet will not be an option. This characteristic of copper wire service is something the telephone providers are working on improving.


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