Whole Home Entertainment

Whole Home Entertainment with High Speed Internet

It used to be that the internet was only good for emailing and looking at some friends pictures. Not anymore, If you have a high speed internet you can hook up to whole home entertainment. How can you do this? Well when you have a fast internet connection this allows you to stream movies and shows and also allows you to call over the internet for penny’s on the dollar! If you think about it, if you have a fast internet connection you can hook up to TV, internet, and phone for about $30 a month! Now that’s a deal. Lets go over some of the cool things you can do when you have high speed internet.

Watch your favorite shows and movies

When you have a high speed internet connection you can stream movies and shows right over your laptop. If you’re connection is really fast you can stream 1080p. Most laptops now have an HDMI out port on them. So this means you can hook it up to your flat screen, grab a wireless keyboard and mouse, and kick back on your recliner watching you’re favorite movie and surfing the web. Imagine relaxing on your sofa watching your favorite YouTube clips, streaming the web, checking your email, and more. Sounds nice doesn’t it? You can even buy a cheap computer just to leave connected to your HDTV. A laptop can connect to you’re TV in more than one way. You can connect with HDMI, VGA, and S-video, take a look below. If you are uncertain about these connections look them up on Google. One thing to note. HDMI will play the sound through your TV, so if you have a surround sound system you will want to go with an HDMI connection. VGA and S Video will play through your computer.

s video vga hdmi connections

Take advantage of VOIP

What is a VOIP service? VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. What it does is allows you to call over the internet. Some popular VOIP services you may have heard of are Magic Jack and Vonage. If you haven’t, go onto Google and type them in, we are sure you will find it very interesting. Now you may be asking, will I have to be on my computer to use this service? The answer is no, you can wire it to your home phone system and even keep you’re old number. So it will be like nothing has changed, except your monthly bill. Magic Jack doesn’t even charge a monthly bill, all they charge for is tax which is around $20 dollars a year. Now that is a steal.

We are in the High Speed Era

Times have changes, don’t get left behind. Paying over a hundred dollars each month for your home services is old news. All you need is a fast internet connection and you may save thousands each year. In these hard times people are always looking for a way to save. Now you can save and upgrade your services. This is best of both worlds, why would you wait any longer? We recommend that you go with a 20mbps for HD streaming and great reliability. All of our staff knows about this, so when you call in feel free to ask any questions. We get very excited helping you save money. We know you will love it!


Post by Zach Johnson. Connect with me on Google+